About us


Veterinary Surgeon​
I moved to Allora for my first job after finishing university and fell in love with the area. I met my husband here and we felt it was a great place to raise our family. I have worked in the area as a Veterinary Surgeon since the end of 1992. I have worked with both farm and small animals but have found it is a wonderful feeling to help bring new life into the world. It is for this reason I decided to start Inishgold Kennels.

Inishgold Kennels
I have been a registered breeder since 2002 when I became a member of Dogs Queensland. I have been breeding Golden Retrievers since then and Border Collies since 2006. It is my aim to breed quality dogs that would make a wonderful addition to anyone's family.

​Golden Retrievers

​All my adult Golden Retrievers have been hip and elbow scored and have clear certificates for hearts and eyes. This is to show that they are clear of some of the major genetic defects that this breed is susceptible to. With hip dysplasia it is important to breed with dogs who's score is as low as possible. Unfortunately this does not eliminate the possibility of the puppies getting hip dysplasia but it is the best way to try and avoid it.

Border Collies

My Border Collies have been hip and elbow scored and are clear for Collie Eye Anomaly, Ceroid Lipofucinosis and Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome. This means they are clear of some of the major genetic defects that this breed is susceptible to. Border Collies are not as prone to hip dysplasia as Golden Retrievers.

​Allora Pet Farmstay

As a result of requests from friends we have decided to set up purpose built boarding facilities for dogs and cats. I have made this decision to work from home, so I can spend more time with my children and my own dogs. The construction of the kennels has now finished and we are open for business.